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Reason for all the diseases in Lungs, Lung Cancer and it’s remedies

lungsThe air that we breathe contains dust, dirt and all the things such as virus, bacteria, etc. When the air entering into our body through the nose reaches the lung, the lung takes oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. from the air and these air-related items board the train called blood when the train comes to the station called lungs. These good air- related items that mix with the blood reach all the cells in the body through the blood. When a good air-related item enters a cell, it is used up by the cell, gets converted into a waste item and sent out by the cell.

For example, when oxygen enters a cell, it gets converted into carbon-dioxide and comes back to the blood. When the used air comes back through the blood to the lung, it gets down at the station called lung and then goes out of the body through the path called nose. Therefore, the lung is the mother that feeds all the cells in the body with the food called air. The mother lung also does the job of sending out the bad air.

Our lung does less work when we do meditation. When we run, it needs to do more work. But the lung never does any work on its own accord. The lung will do work only to the extent the cells demand for air-related food. The activity of the lung is controlled by all the cells in the body.

Thus when the diseases related to the lung such as asthma, breathlessness, wheezing, chest congestion, cough, etc. occur, we should not give treatment to the lung. Whenever the cells in the body get air- related diseases, the lung will get affected. Therefore, the diseases in the lung can be cured only by removing the air-related deficiency in all the cells of the body.

For example, let us say that a person’s kidney has been affected. The cells in the kidney will demand for more air in order to cure their disease. It is possible that the lung can get exhausted by keeping on giving air to the cells in the kidney for curing their disease.

Now please tell me, for the diseases related to the lung such as asthma, wheezing, etc. should the treatment be given in the lung or in the kidney? Obviously, the problem lies in the cells of the body parts which have the disease and not in the lungs.

Please do not immediately come to the wrong conclusion that the diseases such as asthma, wheezing, etc. occur only due to the problems in the kidney. Kidney is taken here only as an example. When millions of cells in different parts of the body get diseases and they look for air-related food for curing themselves and they keep on asking for more air from the lungs, the lungs get affected.

Therefore, for diseases related to the lungs, the treatment should not be given in the lungs. The diseases related to the lungs can be cured only by curing the air-related deficiencies in all the cells from head to toe. The doctors, who have not understood this simple fact, wrongly think that for diseases such as asthma, wheezing, etc. the problem lies in the lungs and do scan, perform operation, give medicines and tablets and further enlarge the diseases.

Let me pose one question to the people who consume medicine for diseases such as asthma, wheezing, etc. Does the dosage of your medicine keep on increasing or does it reduce progressively? When the dosage of a medicine increases, it means that you have successfully increased the severity of the disease. This shows that you are following a wrong treatment. Therefore, by solving the air-related problems in all the parts of our body, we can cure all the diseases related to the lungs.

Remedies for lung cancer

  • Drink Parsley Tea 3 times a day. Avoid white sugar. Add jaggery if you want to sweeten the tea.
  • One glass of Carrot Juice every day. Don’t add white sugar. Add honey or jaggery if you want to sweeten it.
  • Apple Seeds. For cancer patients apple seeds are more important than apple. Apple seeds to be eaten directly or grind it to powder and have it directly or sprinkle on any salads and have it. You can add honey to this apple seeds to taste better.
  • Pumpkin seeds. Please don’t throw away. Add honey and eat pumpkin seeds directly. If you can’t bite, grind it to powder and have it before you go to bed.
  • Custard Apple (Seethapazham). Have one custard apple a day. Eat this without the seeds.
  • Give all the above every day. Before starting this treatment scan and note down the present situation. After 30 days take another scan and see. After 3 months take another scan. End of 4th month, he will become alright. What doctors can’t assure you, I am telling you, your father will be perfectly alright in 4 months time provided you have faith and follow what has been told here.

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