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Reason for Hole in the heart

Let us take the example of a woman who has given birth to five babies. This means that she has user body’s intelligence and made five new hearts, five livers, ten kidneys, etc. When a mother creates different types of body parts out of the food she consumes she is like a factory producing new body parts.

Let us assume that this woman has a hole in her heart. The doctor says “A hole has suddenly developed in her heart. If it is not plugged within six months, her life will be in danger.” Just think for a minute. Does this mother’s body, which had the intelligence to create five new hearts, not know how to fill a small hole in her own heart ? Let us analyze this problem.

When you hear some facts you will find them hard to believe. But these are all very true. A hole in the heart is not a disease concerned with the heart at all. That is, the body already knows very well how to plug the hole in the heart. But it faces some difficulties in doing it. If we find out what these difficulties are and set them right, then the hole in the heart can be plugged without any medicine, tablet or operation at all.

The first reason for the hole in the heart is as follows. The body knows how to plug the hole in the heart. When an item needed to plug the hole has gone bad in the blood, the body takes this bad item and tries to plug the hole with it. So the hole does not get plugged.

Now please tell me, is this hole in the heart a disease concerned with the heart ? Or is it a disease concerned with a bad item in the blood ? Or is it the blood that has to be treated ?

In our anatomic therapy, we will teach you a few methods to convert the bad items in the blood into good items. By learning these techniques, if we improve the quality of items in the blood, without any expense and without any operation, medicine or tablet, we can surely plug the hole in the heart.

The second reason : An item is needed to plug the hole in the heart. That item may be absent in the blood or it may be present in insufficient quantity. The body is waiting for that item so that when that item comes into the blood some day it can plug the hole in the heart.

Now please tell me, is this a disease concerned with the heart or is it a disease concerned with the non-availability of an item in the blood ? In our treatment, we are going to learn how to bring to the blood that required item which is not available in the blood at present. Whoever learns this and sets right the deficiency, the hole in their heart will get plugged on its own.

Third reason : When the blood is not available in sufficient quantity, our body will not be able to cure any disease and it will not renew any body parts. As we have seen earlier, there is an ideal quantity of blood required for each person’s body depending on his or her age, weight, height, etc. When the blood is less than this required quantity, the body will not be able to correct its parts.

In our treatment, we are going to learn about how to keep the blood in our body in proper quantity. Once we learn this and set the blood in proper quantity, we can easily plug the hole in the heart.

Fourth Reason : You have heart pain and you go the hospital. The doctor asks you to take a scan. As per your scan repot there is no hole in your heart. But let us assume that the nurse in the hospital, by mistake, instead of bringing your report, brings another person’s report which shows a hole in the heart and gives it to the doctor. What will happen now ? The doctor will see the wrong report and tell you, “There is a hole in your heart. An operation needs to be performed within six months”.

What will you do now ? From the time you return from the hospital, while sleeping, while eating and while working, you will be worried about the non-existent hole in your heart. After worrying like this for 3 months, if another scan is taken, then, surprisingly, there will actually be a hole in the heart. It is because your mind would have created the hole. In fact, the disease comes first in your mind and then it comes to the body. By imagining a non-existent hole, the mind creates a real hole in the heart.

You may wonder : how can the mind create a hole ? An example of how our mind controls our body will explain this point. When we pass urine, which switch in the body do we press to send out the urine ? There is no such switch. Once we go the toilet, the urinary bladder opens up by the control of our mind and the urine comes out. There cannot be a better example than this to show that the mind has control over the body. So, if the mind gets the disease, then it creates the disease in the body.

It is very difficult to treat the highly educated people. This is because nowadays a lot of medical and disease-related information is available. It creates fear in the mind and increases the diseases. But it is very easy to cure an uneducated person. If you bring an uneducated person, do sugar test for him and tell him that he has sugar count of 400, what will be his reaction ? He will say “Thank you, Sir” and go happily. It is because no one told him that sugar count of 400 is harmful.

But the highly educated people are happy before taking the sugar test and once they see the report and see the sugar count as 400, they think, “What ? 400 ! ” and they faint. Only when their mind knows the sugar count, they faint. The disease is only in the mind. Once the mind is affected, the body will be affected. Once the body is affected, the mind will be affected. No scan report and no blood test report can tell how much your mind is affected.

So you cannot cure any disease in the world without treating the mind. Once you believe in your mind that your heart has disease and it can be cured only through an operation, your body will not make any attempt to plug that hole.

This is a very important psychology in the world. If we believe in someone, they work to help us and prove us right. Similarly, if we believe in our body’s capability and when get any disease we thin, “My body has the intelligence. It will definitely cure the disease by itself” and wait patiently, many diseases will be cured automatically by our body.

But, today we get an enormous amount of information about diseases and medicines through internet, books, TV, newspapers, etc. This knowledge affects our mind and our mind creates the disease in our body. What we understand from this is that when the mind is affected, the hole in the heart will not be plugged.

Fifth Reason : Our body has the intelligence to cure diseases. If that intelligence goes bad, then the hole in the heart will not be plugged. Our body knows how to plug the hole in the heart. It is possible that this knowledge of our body has gone bad. Then the hole in the heart will not be plugged.

In essence, a hole in the heart is not a disease related to the heart at all. It can occur if,

a) an item in the blood, needed to plug the hole in the heart, has gone bad.
b) an item in the blood, needed to plug the hole in the heart, is absent in the blood or is not available in the required quantity.
c) the quantity of blood in the body is less
d) the mid is affected or
e) the intelligence of our body is affected.

If you are troubled by heart burns periodically, follow this

(a) Drink one glass of cow’s milk once in the morning, once before going to bed.

(b) Chew one slice of ginger. If u find it difficult to chew, grind ginger to a paste, add honey and taste it in empty stomach.

(c) Eat raw carrot, cooked capsicum and ladies finger twice a week.

(d) Compulsory two yelakki bananas one in the morning before breakfast and one before you go to bed along with milk

(e) While sleeping, try to sleep more towards left side (where heart is closer to bed).

Do anulom vilom pranayam 10 times in the morning.  Your heart burn will vanish within 15-20 days.

This will work only if you are a non-smoker and non-alcoholic.


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