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Reason for Kidney Failure

The water that we drink goes to the kidneys. The kidneys separate all the good things from the water and load it into the train called blood when the train comes to the station called kidney. The nutrients in the water reach all the houses called cells in the body through the blood. The cells take good water inside, use it and convert it into waste water which mixes in the blood again. All the cells in our body take water in and send out the wastage. This waste material passed out by all the cells is brought by the blood to the urinary bladder. We then send it out of our body as urine.

Therefore, kidney is the mother that gives water to all the cells in our body and it is also the mother that sends out the waste water from all the cells. When thousands of cells in our body suffer from some disease and struggle to cure it, a lot of water will be required by all of them. At that time, all the cells will keep on asking for more and more water from the kidney. When the kidney gets exhausted by continuously sending water to the cells for curing their diseases, the kidney will be affected.

Therefore, kidney failure is not a disease related to the kidney at all. It cannot be cured by treating the kidney. Kidney can be saved only by setting right the water- related deficiencies in the millions of cells in the body.

Generally, the patients with 50% kidney failure go to the hospital and undergo dialysis or take treatment through medicines and tablets. Is there any one for whom the kidney failure has been reduced from 50% to 40%, 30% and so on and gradually kidney has become fully functional? Usually we see that, as the treatment progresses, the kidney failure increases from 50% to 60%, 70% and so on.

Kidney function can be improved only by solving the water-related problems in all the cells of the body. By following certain guidelines in our treatment, we can remove the water-related deficiency in all the cells in the body and thus renew our kidney.

Therefore, patients with kidney problems can follow our method and slowly reduce their medicines, tablets and dialysis gradually in two to four months and can be completely cured. Surgery or kidney transplant may not be needed at all after two to four months.

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