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Rheumatic Arthritis


Rheumatic Arthritis disease is also called “RA” in short. We have already learnt under the chapter on Vaccination that when disease-causing germs enter our body, our body gets rid of those germs by performing the four functions namely Helper, Killer, Suppressor and Memory. Fever comes in our body only when our body is engaged in these four activities.

We have also seen that there is no medicine in the injection that the doctors administer on us when we have fever and that the injection actually activates our sweat glands and thereby stops the good work called “Fever” taken up by our body in order to get rid of the disease-causing germs.

If we adopt natural methods that we mentioned earlier whenever we get fever and do not consume any tablets and medicines, we will never get the disease called RA.

Now let us find out the cause of RA disease in our body. When our body has completed the two activities namely Helper and Killer, if we drive out the “Fever” at that time and the remaining two activities namely Suppressor and Memory do not take place, then RA disease comes to our body.

This is due to the fact that Helper is the phlegm and Killer is the medicine that kills the germs in our body. Killer medicine has a bad habit. Once it completes the job of killing the germs, it starts attacking the bone joints. This is because generally germs tend to accumulate at the bone joints. Therefore, once the Killer medicine completes its job of killing the disease-causing germs, the protector called Suppressor is being sent to eliminate the Killer medicine from the body.

Thus, if we stop the fever through medicines, there will be no Suppressor present to take care of the Killer. Then the Killer continuously attacks our bone joints and this causes the RA disease. Then the doctors say that RA disease cannot be cured.

You can observe that all those who got RA disease would say that they first got some disease such as Chickengunya and subsequently they got RA disease. However not many of us know the fact that these people got RA disease only because they consumed some medicine to get rid of the fever when they had those diseases.

When those persons who have RA disease read this post completely and follow the guidelines, they will get a fever. At that time, if they avoid taking any medicine and cure it in a natural way as suggested in this post then their body will automatically create the Suppressor which will destroy the Killer that damages their bone joints. In his way, their RA disease can be completely cured at all. There are plenty of people who cured. have totally got rid of their RA disease by following Art of Self Treatment.

Therefore, please do not believe it if someone says that RA disease cannot be cured at all. There are plenty of people who have totally got rid of their RA disease by following Art of Self Treatment.

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  1. Hi Sir.. My name Tawhid from Chittagong Bangladesh.. My wife facing severe pain in the sometimes foot, sometimes calf, sometimes knee and somestimes Thigh .. is it diseases of Theumatism. Please advised

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