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Close MouthWhen we eat food, we should mix it with saliva and eat. Only the food that mixes with the saliva goes to the blood as good food. The food which does not mix with saliva goes to the blood as bad food. Our saliva contains a lot of enzymes. These enzymes help very much in separating the constituents from the food. Only the food that has been digested by the saliva in the mouth can be digested by the stomach. When the food that has not been digested by the saliva goes into the stomach, it becomes bad food and waste matter.

Many of us may say, “We do mix saliva with food when we eat.” However, this is not true. Whoever eats food with their lips open when they chew the food, for these people saliva will not mix with the food. When we chew the food, the lips should be closed. Only then the saliva will mix with the food. What is the difference between keeping the lips open and keeping them closed when we chew the food?

Imagine the food as a ball, and saliva as another ball. When we eat with the lips open, the air goes inside the mouth, stands between the saliva and the food and does not allow them to mix. Thus, it prevents proper digestion in the mouth. Air is the enemy to the digestion in the mouth. Therefore, from now on whenever you eat any food, please open your lips only for sending the food inside the mouth.

Once the food is inside the mouth, keep chewing the food without separating the lips till you swallow the food.

In countries such as USA, UK, Italy, etc. the prevalence of Diabetes is very less. This is because the people of these countries have the habit of chewing the food with their lips closed.

When you see foreigners who come to your town, you will observe that they chew their food keeping their lips closed. Because the people in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. eat keeping their lips open, the sugar disease is more prevalent in these countries. Please do not immediately conclude that the people of some countries are intelligent and the people of some other countries are foolish. People in some countries consume more medicines for mental illnesses. Many people in countries having the habit of eating with their lips closed are affected by mental illnesses and consume medicines for these diseases. Thus, in some countries body is not all right but mind is all right. In some other countries, mind is not all right but body is all right. So, the business is running fine for the drug manufacturing companies in all the countries.

Therefore, from now on, please chew every mouthful of food keeping your lips closed.

You may think that it will take more time to eat if you chew with your lips closed. In fact it takes less time. You can keep a piece of Roti in your mouth and chew 40 times keeping your lips open. The Roti will not become a paste and it will remain as Roti only. But, if you chew four times keeping your lips closed, the Roti will become totally mashed into a paste. Without any need to swallow it, it will just slide into your throat.

You can eat within a short duration of time by closing the lips instead of opening them while chewing. Moreover, because the enemy called air is not present saliva quickly separates all the constituents of the food and digests the food properly.

There may be a small complication when we eat like this. The jaw may slightly pain for about a week. This is because we start a new habit which we did not have for several decades. But, after a week, there will be no pain and we can be peaceful throughout our life.

Thus, the second most important principle in our treatment is that whatever may be the food that we may eat, after putting the food inside the mouth, till we swallow the food, we should not separate the lips.

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