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Salt Taste Treatment


Salt Taste, Water Energy, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Ear, Fear

When the salt taste touches our tongue, the taste buds in our tongue convert the salt taste into water energy and send it throughout the body. The organs in our body that function based on water energy are the kidneys, the urinary bladder and the ears. The associated emotion is fear.

“One who eats salt has to drink water.” Thus goes a proverb in Tamil. Why should a person who eats salt drink water? When salt gets converted into water energy and spreads in the body, our kidney that functions using water energy, starts working more. The function of the kidney is to separate the good items from all the water in the body and mix them in the blood and take the bad items and send them out through the urinary bladder as urine. So, when the kidney is overworked, the body needs more water. That is why the proverb says that a person needs water according to the quantity of salt he eats.

There is a close connection between the kidney and the ear. You may observe that the kidney and the ear are identical in shape. There is a close connection between the emotion called fear and the kidney. We say that someone urinated out of fear. Why does urine pass when there is fear? When the emotion called fear comes in the mind, this emotion will eat away all the water energy in our body. When there is no water energy in the body, the urinary bladder, which depends on water energy, will not have energy even to just hold the urine and the urine will pass out.

So, when there is fear in the mind, there is a possibility that the ears, the kidney, the urinary bladder are weakened and get diseases. The kidney will get diseases when the mind gets fear. Also, the mind will get fear when there is a disease in the kidney.

No one dies in the world due to life- threatening diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. The doctors threaten the patient saying that there is no medicine and there is no cure for these diseases. This news gets recorded deep in the mind of the patient and it creates a fear in his mind. In this world where people are scared of seeing even a cockroach, when the doctor says, “Your disease cannot be cured. You are going to die soon”, then definitely the patient will get a fear and there is no possibility of his recovery.

When a patient gets fear, this fear will exhaust all his water energy. When the water energy in the body gets exhausted, the kidney will be affected. So, the fear in the mind of the patient is what Anatomic magnifies the disease in the kidney. This disease can grow even to the extent of taking the life away.

We see that generally the patients who die due to killer diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, etc. have bloated stomach when they die. All those who die with bloated stomach do not die because of their diseases. The fear in them that they are going to die weakens their kidney and enlarges their stomach. When the stomach bloats it means that the kidney has been affected and there is fear in the mind. Therefore, whatever may be the disease, please be courageous. If we get fear, the disease will become bigger. If we are courageous, the disease will be cured.

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