Thursday , February 21 2019

Seasame Oil – Pure Oil


The oil sold in the shops nowadays in the name of Sesame oil is not genuine. You can buy black sesame (Til) and get it grounded on your own at your local oil- extracting mill. Only if you taste that oil, you will know about the genuine sesame oil. Many of us may not know how original til oil looks and tastes like. If you ask your grandfather or grandmother, they will tell you about it in detail.

But please do not buy and consume any oil that is sold in the shops. Especially, do not buy any oil which is publicized widely as fat-free and cholesterol-free. The reason is that, the very purpose of our consuming oil is that it contains fat. Oil which does not contain fat is a waste fit to be thrown in the dust bin.

If you go to the shops in search of original sesame oil, you will be disappointed. Therefore, you should get original sesame oil prepared by yourself in the following way.

You have to buy 20 kilograms of black til, dry it in the hot sun, remove stones from it, add 2 Kg of palm sugar (pana vellam or Nattu Jaggery) to it, take it to the nearest oil-grinding shop and get it grounded into til oil in our presence.

If we dry it in hot sun for one day, the unwanted matter will settle down as sediment. Now, you have clean and pure oil ready. If we prepare til oil needed for our consumption in this way and use it, we can preserve our health. Therefore, use only original til oil from now on. Do not buy any oil which is sold as original til oil. It is original only if you get it prepared by yourself.

Incase you find it difficult to do all this exercise yourself, you can get in touch with me and I will supply you pure Sesame Oil which will cost you Rs. 700 per litre approx.  The price will keep changing month after month and I cannot assure you the same price whenever you call me.  Purchase one litre of oil and see the difference.  After making payment of Rs 700, you will have to wait for one week to get the oil delivered if you are within Bangalore and if you are outside Bangalore, you may have to wait for 15 days.  I do not keep stock and sell.  I get this done specially whenever order comes in.  

Our forefathers lived a healthy life full of stamina without any bone-related disease only because they consumed genuine sesame oil.

Therefore, in our treatment, fat-related diseases can be cured only by eating all fat-related items, especially coconut, oil dishes, etc. By reading all my articles completely, we can eat fat-related items, oil items and coconut in such a way that they get converted into good fat and mix in the blood and we can cure all fat-related diseases.

When more of good fat mixes in the blood, bad fat will automatically come out. After eating for one to three months as per our treatment, you can get fat-related tests done for yourself and you can observe that bad fat has reduced. Let us all live a happy and healthy life!

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Progressive and open minded Business Professional with over 30+ years of experience in Automobile, IT, Education, Real Estate Industries. He has a passion to ensure "No child goes to bed hungry" and is involved in an NGO called "No Hungry Child". He is a Social Entrepreneur and added a new service "Art of Self Treatment" to help more and more people who are suffering from health issues. He learnt the art of Self Treatment from his guru Mr Healer Baskar.

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