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I am doing this Service as a Passion and do not have any commercial interest.  I am going to tell you here, what you can expect from me.

a) If you are having any internal health issues, such as joint pain, knee pain, back pain, hair fall, acne, jaundice, malaria, gastric and acidity, etc. etc. I am here to advise you to treat yourself the way I tell you.  98% of the health issues are internal and only 2% of the health issues are external.  For all internal health related problems, you will unnecessarily go to Doctors who prescribes medicines and gives business to Pharmaceutical Industry through you.  The medicines are prepared in such a manner that you will get temporary relief but will create yet another internal problem so that you keep visiting the Doctors and keep buying medicines.  We are all being fooled by a group of 13 families called Illumanity who controls the entire world.  If all of us are healthy, how will Doctors and Pharmaceutical Industry survive ?  So, in order to ensure that their lives and businesses are taken care, you and me have to fall sick.  Unless you fall sick, you will not go to them.  To ensure that you fall sick, outlets like Pizza Huts, Dominos, McDonald, Coco-Cola, Pepsi are given permission to sell Junk Food and beverages.   Chemicals are mixed in oils that you buy so that you fall sick.

I am here to create this awareness to general public at large and give them natural home remedies and also show them the way how to lead a life without Medicines.

b) You can keep reading the articles that I send you which can be sent free of cost.


c) If you don’t like reading but don’t mind listening to audio and viewing  videos, I will send you the same on request.  However, this facility is available for paid members.   To know more about the membership details, click here to view the same.  I would require a clear 48-72 hours to recreate the video that you are asking.


d) If you don’t like to listen to audios or view videos or can’t understand what is being said in the video, then have a web meeting with me and I will make you understand in simple English or Hindi or Kannada or Tamil.  I know only these 4 languages in which I can make you understand.  When I say web meeting, it means you must be familiar in using your Smart Phone or PC or Laptop which has audio and video applications and I will send you a Zoom Application Meeting ID through whatsapp or sms and you can then join the meeting.  To know how to signup and attend a web meeting, watch this video tutorial. This is available for paid members. To know more about the membership details, click here to view the same.

e) Once you understand how you are supposed to treat yourself, then, you need to do certain things and if you do these things I guarantee you 100% result.  Even if a person is almost in the death bed, he or she can be cured.  One has to experience this to believe.  What is the harm in trying out ?  If you can’t believe or don’t believe such a thing can happen, then will that person who is almost in the death bed, survive ?  So, what if you make an attempt in trying the techniques that I am going to teach you and succeed ? Nothing wrong, isn’t it ? The techniques, which I learnt from Healer Baskar my Guru, can never make you lose anything but you will only gain.

f) You may have to extract pure oil for your daily usage.  If you can’t do it, I can supply the same at cost.  I will have to incur expenditure on raw material, extraction, labour and courier and this is precisely what I am going to charge with no extra profit attached to it.

g) There are various other items like Enima, Bowls, etc. which I will supply to you at cost.

h) I will personally monitor your progress for a period of 3 months through a mobile application monitoring system, provided you wish to be monitored.  You need to have a smart phone for this.

i) Ideally my job would have been very simple by just directing you to contact Healer Baskar and the rest he and his team would have helped you.   I am just going one step more by reaching out not only to the Tamilians, South Indians but wish to help people from all over the world.  My uniqueness in this whole activity are the following :

Supply of Oil which Healer Baskar and his team do not get involved in this.
Personal Monitoring Mobile Application system which Healer Baskar and his team do not get involved. One on one consultation through Web Meetings which he doesn’t do.

j) Why am I doing, what I am doing ? – Personal satisfaction and nothing beyond this.  I love this concept of “Self Treatment” and I realize that 90% of the world population are being fooled by a group of 13 families called “Illuminati”. Healer Baskar has been fighting the entire world all alone and he requires adequate support from his followers.  There are number of followers like me who do this job of spreading awareness about “Self Treatment” in their own way.  I have found one way and that is through Web Meetings.

You will have to purchase the items either at your local stores in your location or you can place order with me and I will have them sent to you by courier.  I will help you identify such stores in your location, as and when the need arises.

To know if people have seen success, I would request you to go through the Testimonial page of this website.

For Enima

For Enima

For Nose cleaning

For Nose cleaning

For Eye cleaning

For Eye cleaning

Special Yoga Mat

Special Yoga Mat

I am in the process of forming group members in Whatsapp.  I make them join free initially to taste the success of leading a life without medicines.  I will be saving a lot of money for all the members as they need not go to Doctors nor buy medicines nor undergo any major operation.

Unless it is an accident, I don’t advise any one to undergo an operation.  Body is God’s gift.  When your body has got the capacity to create another human being, with heart, eyes, ears, legs, hands, head on its right place, do you think if this body get’s into any health problems, it can’t cure itself ?

Test it today.  Cut a small piece of your skin using a blade or knife and just leave it. After 2-3 days, you will see automatically that area will be replaced by a new skin and after few days, you will forget what happened to that area.  Does this happen or not  ? How does this happen ? Simple answer is, body is very intelligent and it knows how to take care on it’s own.  For this a Doctor is not required to tell you have this problem and that problem.  Body is free from all problems in reality. Body’s health problems gets created as we grow and as we keep consulting Doctors.

If you understand this, no one can stop you from following Art of Self Treatment. To make people understand is a task.  It’s not easy.  Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies have come in large numbers and they are there for several years.  So it is going to be a tough task convincing people to avoid going to Doctors.  Slowly and steadily by giving small tips on curing themselves, I am trying to infuse the belief in their minds.

By 2019-20 I intend opening an Art of Self Treatment Clinic to take care of members who are undergoing health problems.  By 2025, I hope to reach out to 250 different locations, open a clinic and spread awareness.

The first step towards that is my first success of 256 members in my first whatsapp group.  I will keep creating AST 1, 2, 3, and so on and I need member’s cooperation to achieve my vision.  I earnestly hope you will extend your help and support in achieving my vision. Please forward this page link to as many friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours and make them join my Whatsapp group.  Ask them to message me, “I want to join AST Group” and send the same to 8553015850 and I will add them.

How you can support my work ?

I run a Charitable Organization called “No Hungry Child“.  Incase you wish to pay me for my services, please donate for a good cause.  You can view my website by clicking here

If you wish to donate you can do say by clicking here or use our payment gateway  or send it through Paytm to my mobile 8553015850,