Friday , April 19 2019

Skin Diseases


When we wrongly understand that whatever waste is going out through our nose, mouth, stool, etc are diseases, keep on applying wrong procedures in the name of treatment to retain the waste inside our body, at last, do you know what action our body will take ? It will send out these waste matters through the sweat. When waste matter comes through sweat in this way, it stays in the skin, causing itching, rashes and skin diseases.

When a person starts getting skin related diseases, it means that he has retained the waste matter in his body without sending them out. Therefore, any skin disease such as Psoriasis, Eczema, etc. can be cured by sending out the waste matter out of the body. Without understanding this if we go to the doctor, consume medicines and tablets and use skin lotions, etc. the skin disease will definitely increase.

When there is waste matter coming out of a particular part of the skin, if we think that it is a skin disease and apply an ointment or lotion there, the rashes on that part of the skin will disappear. But what have we done? We have forced the waste matter to go somewhere else. So, after a few days, skin rashes will appear at some other part of the body.

With the wrong understanding that the ointment that we used has cured the skin rashes, we will apply the same medicine to the other parts of the body. Thus when we keep on using the medicine to each and every part of the skin, within a short time, the disease will spread and become a bigger disease.

In essence, if a person follows any treatment to send the waste matter that is coming out of the skin back into the body, then that waste matter stays inside and it becomes bigger. It can be observed that people who have skin disease have indigestion problem also. Therefore, skin diseases can be cured only by sending out the waste matter.

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