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Sour Taste Treatment

Sour Taste Treatment 

Sour Taste, Space Energy, Liver, Gall Bladder, Eyes, Anger

When the sour taste is felt in our tongue, the taste buds in our tongue convert the sour taste into a pranic energy called space energy and send it throughout the body. Liver, eyes and the gall bladder depend on the space energy for their functioning. You may observe that the eye and the liver are of the same shape. There is also a close connection between the eyes and the liver. Moreover, the emotion called anger is closely connected with these two organs.

If we keep Tamarind fruit in our tongue, our eyes get dazzled and we close our eyes. Why? When the sour taste in the Tamarind fruit touches our tongue, it gets converted into space energy and spreads in our body. When our eyes, which function based on the space energy, get too much energy, the eyes get dazzled.

If a person consumes liquor or any other alcoholic beverages in the night and sleeps, next day morning his eyes will be red. Why? When the alcohol in the narcotic beverages mixes in the blood, liver will be doing overwork throughout the night to separate the bad items from the blood. Liver needs space energy for its functioning. The liver would have spent all the space energy available in the body for removing the poisonous items. Thus, all the space energy would have been exhausted in the body. Therefore, the eyes, which also work on space energy, are reddened in the morning. So, it is not a disease related to the eye but it is due to the fact that space energy is less in the body.

If someone gets angry, his eyes will become red. Why should the eyes become red when anger comes? When the emotion called anger is generated in the mind, this emotion consumes all the space energy in the body. When space energy is exhausted, the eyes become red.

If someone drinks too much, then his liver will be damaged. When liver is damaged, that person will get angry often. When anger comes often, liver will be damaged more. Thus, there is a close connection between sour taste, space energy, liver, gall bladder and anger. Only a doctor who knows about these connections can cure the diseases in these organs.

If we have a problem in the eye, we consult an eye doctor. He analyzes the eye, scans it and gives treatment only in the eye. This is not a correct treatment. It is possible that the patient’s liver is affected and as a result his eye would have been affected. Or he could have consumed sour taste more. Or he may have a problem with his gall bladder. Or he may be a person who gets angry very often. Or he may be consuming alcoholic beverages frequently. Only if we analyze all such factors, we can cure the diseases related to the body parts.

Why do ladies eat unripe mango during pregnancy? Why don’t they eat unripe mango before the marriage and after the child birth? Why do they eat it particularly when they are pregnant? The liver plays an important role in converting the cell in the womb into a complete baby. When the liver is overworked, space energy in our body will be exhausted. Then, the tongue will ask for the sour taste. If pregnant women do not consume sour taste, the child’s growth will be affected.

Therefore, in our body, the tongue is the doctor. The taste is the medicine. So, space energy can be maintained well in our body in sufficient quantity by supplying sour- tasted items whenever our tongue asks for sour taste.

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