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Can we eat sugar free products ?

We are advised to eat sugar-free products. We eat food only because the food contains sugar. The only reason we eat food is that our body needs sugar. Sugar-free product is something which has to be dumped in the dust bin. If a food item does not have carbohydrate, it is not needed by our body. Therefore, please do not eat anything in the name of sugar-free product.

Only those who do not know or understand what sugar is, why it is needed, what it does, what are cells, how our body functions, etc. will talk about eating sugar- free products.

All foods contain sugar. Whatever we eat gets converted into sugar only. Only if a dish has sugar, it is a food. A dish which does not contain sugar is not at all a food.

Doctors will tell you “Do not eat rice. It contains more sugar. Eat Roti instead.” The fact is this. Rice also contains sugar. Wheat also contains sugar. All right, people who live in some areas eat wheat based food. Why do they get sugar disease? Go to such areas and observe. Those people are advised, “Do not eat wheat-based food. Sugar disease comes only because of wheat. Eat more rice.”

There is no connection between sweet taste and sugar at all. Sugar patients who understand this fact can start eating sweet from this minute. All rice-based dishes contain sugar. All wheat-based dishes also contain sugar. In fact, all the foods that are worth eating contain sugar. But all foods may not taste sweet.

What do we understand from this? Sugar will not taste sweet. Sweet is a taste which is not visible to the eye. Sweet is something which has to be tasted and digested by the tongue. Sugar is a thing which is visible to the eye. It is something which has to be digested by the stomach. It is not necessary that sugar should taste sweet.

Therefore, please do not be afraid of eating sweets. In our treatment, we teach the technique about how to eat food so that it is converted into good sugar. Once we learn this technique and eat all the food following the methods that we teach and convert all the food into good sugar and send it inside, our pancreas will start secreting insulin in the natural way.

When there is a way to have insulin secreted in the natural way, why should we continue to consume medicines and tablets? What we say may create a fear in some people. They may think, “If we listen to this person and stop consuming diabetic medicines and tablets, will it cause any danger to our lives?”

In case you have any such doubt, you can do one thing. Those who take sugar tablet or insulin injection can get themselves admitted in a hospital just for observation. While in the hospital, please eat according to our technique. Do not take sugar tablet or insulin injection. Be in the hospital for one full day. After you eat your breakfast, without taking any sugar medicine or insulin, you will feel hungry again by noon.

What does this mean? This means that your pancreas has secreted insulin. Within two or three hours after we eat our food, insulin has to be secreted. Otherwise, we will faint. When you eat as per our guidelines and you do not faint for one full day, it will clearly show that your pancreas has not been affected by stopping of the sugar medicines and tablets.

Some people may get sugar problem because of damage to their pancreas. But that happens to only one out of thousand people.

So, please eat as per our guidelines. If you do not faint for one full day, your sugar problem is not due to your pancreas being affected. It is due to your improper digestion. By understanding this, you can gradually reduce your sugar medicines and tablets, stop them totally within three to six months and lead a happy and healthy life.

Therefore, finally what we understand is that sugar disease is not concerned with the pancreas. It is a disease concerned with the digestion. We are now going to see how to eat food so that it becomes good sugar. By this, we are going to see a world where there is no Diabetes and there are no Diabetic patients.

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