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Taste Treatment

Sometimes we feel very tired. If we do not eat food for several hours, our body will be very dull. When we are in a position where we cannot even walk, we may eat some food. Do we get energy in our body immediately after eating the food or few hours later? We get energy immediately after eating the food.

But, scientifically, the food we eat through our mouth goes to the stomach and remains there for a few hours and gets digested, then goes to the small intestine and gets digested there for a few hours and then mixes in the blood. Therefore, we should get energy only after a few hours.

Have you noticed that sugar level is tested in the hospitals only when two hours have passed after eating the food? The reason for this is that the food we eat gets converted into sugar and mixes with theblood only after two hours. But we get energy immediately after eating the food. Where does this energy come from?

A certain amount of energy is obtained from the tastes in the food that we eat. The remaining energy comes from the items in the food as pranic energy. When we chew the food in our mouth, the taste buds in the tongue absorb the tastes in the food. The taste buds convert these tastes into pranic energy and send them to the spleen through the nerves. The spleen distributes this energy to all the body parts.

When we eat in a hotel, we feel energetic immediately after eating the food. But, we feel tired after about an hour and we will feel like eating something again. This is because the hotels give importance to the taste. They focus on keeping the food tasty in order to attract the customers. Therefore, when the taste gets converted into pranic energy by the tongue and is available to all the body parts, we are energetic for one hour.

But, items such as baking soda, ajinomoto, etc. are mixed in the food prepared in the hotels. So, the quality of food reduces and the things going inside the body will not have much energy in them. Therefore, our body gets tired after one hour.

Our body gets pranic energy in several ways. When we eat, the energy comes through the taste and then the energy comes through the things in the food.

When we eat food at our home, we may fell tired immediately after we eat the food.  But, we will feel energetic after an hour or so. The reason for this is that we do not care much about the tastes when we eat our home. But, nutritious items will be more in our home food. Since the pranic energy from tastes is not available, we do not get much energy for the first one hour. But, after one hour, when the nutritious items go into the body, we get pranic energy from them and we become active. We can be active for several hours after eating our home food.

What we understand from this is that the pranic energy obtained from the tastes in the hotel food is useful for the first one hour and we get tired because it does not contain any nutrients. Since our home food does not have much taste, we are tired for the first hour and later we are energized for four to five hours using the nutrients in the home food.

Therefore, our home food should be as tasty as the hotel food. At the same time, the hotel food should be as nutritious as the home food. If this is ensured, wherever we eat we can be energetic for six to seven hours.

Thus, we understand that taste is not something just to be savoured, enjoyed and appreciated. Taste is a wonderful thing which gives us the pranic energy. Therefore, by taking pranic energy in both the ways, namely through the taste from the food and through the contents of the food, we can learn to live with more energy.

If the electricity supply in our house goes out, television, fan, tube light, etc. will not work. But gas stove will continue to burn. If gas is also exhausted, then gas stove also will stop working. But, the computer will continue to work through the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

Thus, in our house, some devices work on current, some work on battery, some work on UPS and some work on gas. Therefore, different appliances operate using different types of fuel. Similarly, different parts in our body work using different types of pranic energy.

There are five different types of pranic energy used in our body. Each type of pranic energy is used by some body parts for their functioning. Now we are going to see clearly which type of pranic energy is connected to which body parts.

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