Tuesday , March 26 2019


There are “n” number of testimonials available. But unfortunately I did not save it earlier. However, I am now trying to retrieve those and will be posting it as and when I get the same. So do not go by one or two testimonials that you will see now. Unless I have a large savings, I will not be opening up a page like this. Right ? So please bear with me for some time till I post adequate number of testimonials here. For the time being, this is all I have.

Few more About Me


I am Sridhar, a staunch follower of Healer Bhaskar. My wife, Ganga, and I strongly follow the advice of Healer Bhaskar and both have been benefitted a lot.  We don’t go to Doctor and we advice people known to us not to go to Doctor.
I attended a 3 day Vipasana Programme organized by Healer Bhaskar at Coimbatore which was free for all.  About 100 people attended this.  All 3 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner and comfortable stay was organized by Healer Bhaskar absolutely free of cost. What a selfless man he is ? It inspired me to share with public and he has asked all his followers to spread this message to large section of the society.


My son Vaibhav, when he was 20 years old, he had a number of Acne in his face and no medicines could get these acnes on his face removed. See his pics above. He suffered for almost 2 years like this. He attended along with me and my wife a 5 day programme at Coimbatore of Healer Bhaskar, practiced thereafter what he was advised to and within a span of 2 months, his face became normal as he was. No sign of acnes at all. His face is back to normal.

Text Testimonials

Really sir I am 53 yrs I am able perform everything like a boy I don’t get tired at all. Thanks a lot following your advice since one week, feeling much better. Looks like heading towards best health.

Vijay Kumar – A member of Art of Self Treatment Whatsapp Group

Today afternoon I had idlis. I ate a little more than usual. Immediately my stomach started feeling heavy and I started feeling uneasy. i thought for a while and drank a glass of lemon juice with jaggery and ginger. My stomach became lighter and uneasiness was gone. This is the effect of self treatment group.  Twenty days back I would have had some pills and would have suffered the whole day. I don’t know whether lemon juice was the right choice. But at least I have started self treatment. I thank the group whole heartedly.

– Asha Vasan

Sridhar Sir,
I have been following the self treatment methods suggested by you for regurgitation problem. Within a week I could find the difference. I was not getting up in the middle of the night with the uncomfortable feeling of undigested food rising to my throat. I was able to sleep peacefully. I waited for another week to be absolutely sure. Now I am able to drink water in the night when I am thirsty. Earlier I was afraid to drink water even when my throat was parched. The feeling of panic has also gone.

Thank you. I am very happy that I have joined this group.

– Asha Vasan

Video Testimonials