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Throat infection, Tonsils – It’s causes and remedies

throat problemLet us understand why this problem is coming. Throat is very close to Tonsils.  What is the role of Tonsils ? Our body’s temperature is 37 deg centigrade (98.4 deg Fahrenheit).  The body’s temperature will have to be maintained at this level wherever you go.  If you go to cold countries, body will adjust the temperature. If you go to hot countries, body will adjust the temperature.  In both these climatic conditions the temperature will still remain 98.4 deg Fahrenheit.  Who takes care of this temperature maintenance ? The role of Tonsils is that.

Whatever you eat, the eatable is filled with germs.  When food goes inside through Tonsils, it discards the germs and allows the good food to go inside.  When you eat ice cream, the product is made hot when it goes inside.  Similarly, when you drink hot coffee or tea, tonsils controls the temperature and sends the beverage inside after adjusting the temperature.

So, when you eat fast food in quick time, you are giving too much work to Tonsils.  Similarly when you drink water fast, you are giving extra load to Tonsils and when you keep repeating like this, tonsils gets affected and when you go to Doctor, what does he say.  He advises you to operate the Tonsils and throw it out.

Now imagine your body’s position then.  When Tonsils was there, you had tortured the Tonsils by drinking fast, eating hot food quickly, eating ice creams, chilled cold drinks, etc. etc.  None of us realise what kind of torture you are giving to Tonsils.   If this Tonsils is thrown out of your body, there is no protection and no gateway to do the filtration.  So what will happen then.  A human being without tonsils will get all the diseases in the world very fast.

So what you have to do.  Eat slowly, drink and sip water slowly.  When it comes to eating food, don’t be ruthless to food by eating it fast. Take time.  Food is your Medicine.  Give food its due respect.

This will solve all your throat problems.  And you can lead a life without throat ulcers, sore throat, etc.

Some quick home remedies are giving below

Take one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice, mix it well and consume it 2-3 times a day.

Chew coriander seeds directly. It cures sore throat quickly.

Take 1/4th spoon of carom seeds, add little amount of salt in it, add one clove and grind it with hard metal and make it a powder.  Then have it 2-3 times a day.

Your Throat problem will vanish in no time.

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