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When the body gets diseases, it will keep on asking for the medicine called taste through the doctor called tongue. Women, during pregnancy, will be always after a variety of tasty foods. Pregnant women cannot keep quiet. They will keep on eating some food item or other. That too, they will eat different types of food, one after another. What they search for are not different food items but different tastes. Our forefathers used to say, “We have to act according to the wishes of the pregnant woman. We have to give them all the foods according to their liking.” This advice has a scientific reason behind it.

When the child is being created during the pregnancy, whichever body parts of the woman are engaged in creating an organ for the child, the energy used by those parts will reduce in the body of the woman. Then the tongue of the woman will ask for the taste associated with that energy.

This is why pregnant women will suddenly say that they feel like eating sweet. Sometimes they will eat ashes. Suddenly they will eat spinach. Their tongue will always be longing to eat something. It might be 2 am suddenly they will get up and eat something. This is because when the child is being created, the woman’s body does not ask for nutrients or medicines, it asks only for different tastes.

Tastes are a very important medicine needed for our health. This is why in some communities a special function is performed for giving tasty foods to pregnant women. During this function, delicious foods containing all six tastes are prepared and given to all guests. We all participate in such functions, eat well and come back. But, we do not think of the purpose of such a function. This function is not just for all the guests to have a feast. This function is organized only to make the family members understand that the pregnant woman should be given food of all tastes according to her liking.

Thus, when the pregnant woman is given all the tastes as per the wishes of her tongue, she will have normal delivery and a healthy baby. But, nowadays scanning rituals, antibiotic rituals and medicine and tablet rituals are happening, and consequently deficient children and caesarean deliveries have become the order of the day.

Therefore, whatever is liked by the tongue of pregnant women, please permit them to eat those tastes liberally according to their heart’s content. Only then healthy babies can be had. Some doctors advise pregnant women not to eat sweets saying that they will get Diabetes. Please understand that if we do not give sweets to a pregnant woman when her tongue asks for sweets, the child can be born with some deficiencies.

So, all those who have got some diseases should treat yourselves as pregnant women and eat liberally whatever your heart likes and whatever your tongue craves for. Only then your disease will be cured.

We generally do not eat the bitter and astringent tastes. They say that sugar disease will come if you eat sweets, so do not eat sweets. They say that BP will increase if you eat salt so do not touch salt hereafter. They say that skin disease will come if you eat spicy and pungent items, so do not eat spicy and pungent items. They say that joint pain and knee pain will come if you eat sour taste, so do not eat sour taste.

In this way, the doctors ask us not to eat all the tastes showing some reason or the other. Then what is there for us to eat? Whatever food we take, it will have one or more of the six tastes. If we say no to all the tastes then we will have to starve.

Therefore, please understand that your tongue is the doctor and your taste is the medicine. I do not know which taste you should eat and which taste you should not eat. You also do not know. Then who knows? Only your tongue knows.

Keep a sweet in your mouth. If you like the taste, then eat it. Otherwise do not eat it. If you like it more, then eat one more sweet. When you eat the third or fourth sweet, your tongue will find that the dish is not tasty any more. Stop at that point. If you eat sweet after your tongue stops enjoying the sweet taste, then you will get sweet related diseases.

Similarly, can you eat the food if it has more salt? No. But, we eat food having less salt. In olden days, a small quantity of salt used to be kept at a corner of the plate. Why? You have to eat a little amount of food and see the taste. If you feel that salt is less in the food, then, as per your taste, you can add salt in the food on your plate.

But some cooks add salt in the whole of the dish if they find that there is less salt in it. Each person’s tongue will ask for each and every taste in varying quantities. If a taste is more or less for our tongue, it is not necessary that it has to be the same for other people.

Therefore, please prepare food with all tastes such as sweet, salt, sour, spicy, etc. in moderate quantity. Whoever wants more of salt can add more salt in his plate. If more hot and spicy taste is required for someone else, they can add pickle. Thus, each person has to add tastes only in his plate according to his tongue’s demand.

Please do not be afraid of any taste from now on. All tastes are good for us. But, do not consume any taste after your tongue finds that it is enough and any taste which your tongue does not like. Once we understand that our tongue is the doctor and the taste is the medicine, we can eat all the foods liked by our tongue and live without any disease.

Sugar patients can eat sweets. Nothing will happen to you. BP patients can eat salt as needed by your tongue. It will do only good to you. Thus, by not avoiding any taste and eating as per the wishes of our tongue, we will be healthy from now on.

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