Friday , April 26 2019

Tumour in the Uterus (Fibroid)


Similarly, the women patients are told that there is a tumor or cyst in the uterus and that the uterus has to be removed by surgery. So, a date is fixed and they undergo surgery to get their uterus removed.

The uterus performs not only the functions related to the reproduction, it sends out certain waste matter from the body and also supplies the essential hormones needed for the strength of the body. The question is: why do you take an appointment to remove your body part? Why do you need a doctor who removes your body part?


If you tell that you have pain in your appendix, your appendix will be removed. Do you know what the function of the appendix is? Appendix in our body stores bacteria that are beneficial to the immune system of the body. Appendix keeps the right and left parts of our body balanced. It also helps the body in digesting hard food. But the world of medicine says that appendix is not needed by the body.

If someone says that a particular body part is not needed, then he means that God is a fool. Does God not know whether a body part is needed or not? If the doctor says that the appendix does not do any work, it only means that he does not know what it does and it does not mean that the body part does not do any work.

Removing the body parts which have diseases cannot be called as treatment. Treatment means curing the diseases. In Anatomic Therapy, we set right a few things, follow some simple guidelines, renew the body parts and avoid cutting off the body parts for any problem such as gall bladder stone, tumor in the uterus, Appendicitis, etc.

Therefore, we need to understand that we do not need a doctor to cut off a body part. Doctors are needed only to cure a body part.

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