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Varicose Veins and remedies

varicose veinsIn olden days, women and men used to sit and do all the work. Washing vessels or cooking or eating. Every one used to sit and do the work. For the last 25-40 years, it has changed and people now stand and do the work. Women stand in the kitchen and work. Others sit in the dining table and eat. So squatting is not there, Vericos Veins get stressed out and pain begins. Almost for 20-30 years you have been standing and doing things and this problem is bound to come to every one. So what should we do.

1. As far as possible, do work in sitting and squatting position. Eat squatting on the floor. Cut vegetables squatting on the floor, fold your legs and sit even if you are sitting on the chairs.

2. Should elevate legs and sleep. Put a pillow under the calf muscle of your legs and sleep.

3. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs and move your ankle up and down so that blood circulation gets pushed upwards.

4. Do Anulom Vilom and Kapalbathi pranayam for 15-20 minutes every day.

5. Do Sarva Anga asan that is lifting the legs up. Be in that position for 5 minutes every day. Initially you may find it difficult. But over time, you can do it. If you do this, the blood from legs will now come upto your head faster and this is very much required for people with varicose veins problem.

6. Apply castor oil on the pain area and then have bath every day. This will help you in subsiding pain.

7. Drink one glass of Pine apple juice in the morning. After breakfast give a gap of 30 minutes and then drink.

8. Palak Juice and Raddish Juice also will do a lot good for people with this problem. Do not add white sugar into it. Add honey or jaggery but definitely not white sugar.

9. Wear flat slippers and shoes instead of high heels slippers and shoes.

10. Wear light dresses. Don’t go for slim fit and skin fit dresses.

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