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Good foodAll doctors give a list of good foods and bad foods. Different doctors will give different advices such as “this item should not be eaten for this disease”, “that item should not be eaten for that disease” and so on.

But there is no such thing in our treatment. We can eat all foods that people normally eat. Some people say that we should not eat anything that grows below the ground level. So, many of you may be avoiding such food items. Then, after some time, you may be asked not to eat the food items that grow above the ground level also. Thenwhat willyoudo?

There are only two kinds of food, namely those that grow below the ground level and those that grow above the ground level. Please do not listen to anyone who asks you not to eat one of these two types. Carrot and potato grow below the ground level. What will happen if you eat them? There is nothing wrong in eating the food items that grow below the ground level. The question is whether you know how to eat them.

People say that potato, elephant yam etc, should not be eaten. We can eat them liberally and nothing will happen to us. The question is not whether it was grown above or below the ground level. The question is whether we know how to eat it.

When we eat the potato in an improper way, it does not get chewed properly in the mouth, does not get properly digested and goes to the stomach. Again, it does not get digested properly in the stomach also and goes to the intestine. After crossing several organs, it comes out as stool. If the potato that we eat goes past the mouth as potato, goes to the stomach as potato, goes to the intestine as potato and goes out in the stools as potato, is the potato responsible for this or are we responsible for this?

Just because we do not know how to eat and digest the food items that are grown below the ground level, can we put the blame on those food items? Therefore, if we eat the food items by following the principles that we explained earlier, all the food items will be digested properly.

From now on, we can eat all the food items that grow below the ground also without any restriction. Some people’s stools will have pulse, mustard, etc. What is the meaning of this? If a grain of pulse or mustard comes in full shape from the mouth to the stools, is it the fault of the grain? Or is it our fault that we have not eaten it properly? So please do not find fault with any of the food items.

They say that you should not eat sweet because you will get Diabetes; so you keep the sweet aside. They say that you should not add salt because your BP will increase; so you keep the salt aside. They say that if you have Tamarind in your food, knee pain and joint pain will come; so you do not eat Tamarind. They say that you should not eat all food items that grow below the ground; so you keep aside those items also. They say that you will get skin disease if you eat Brinjal; so you avoid Brinjal.

They say that you will get kidney stone if you eat tomato; so you avoid tomato. They say that you will get Lipoma if you eat oil dishes, coconut etc; so you avoid eating oil dishes and coconut. They say that you should not eat pickle; so you avoid pickles. They say that if pungent taste increases, you will get diseases; so you avoid hot and pungent items. Already we ourselves do not add bitter and astringent tastes in our food. They say that we should not add fruits when we eat cooked foods; so you do not eat fruits also.

In this way, they ask you to avoid each and every food by giving some reason or the other. Then what is left for us to eat? Thus, if we start avoiding each and every item that the doctors ask us to avoid, finally we cannot eat anything at all and we have to just starve and die. Therefore please understand that we can eat all the food items that are normally eaten by people, without any restriction. There are very few items which are to be avoided.

As per our treatment, only if Diabetics eat sweets their Diabetes will be cured. Only if BP patients eat salt to the extent their tongue wants, their BP will be cured. But, we should avoid eating white sugar. No one who works in a sugar factory will eat white sugar. It is because a deadly poison called sulphur is mixed in white sugar.

Therefore, we have to avoid white sugar and we can eat all other sweets such as palm sugar, moulded jaggery, honey etc. liberally without any restriction. Similarly, BP patients will have problem only if they take powder salt, But they can eat salts such as crystal salt, rock salt, etc. generously. These will cure BP.

They say that those who have gastric troubles should not eat potato. The problem is not with the potato. If the potato is not digested properly, it will create gas problems. But, if we eat potato in the proper way by which it is to be eaten, it will cure the gas problems. So, those who have gastric trouble can definitely cure it by eating potato as per our treatment.

They say that we will get skin disease if we eat Brinjal. In fact, skin diseases will be cured only if we eat Brinjal. Brinjal contains all the salts and minerals needed for the skin. If we eat Brinjal without getting it digested in the proper way, when the nutrients in the Brinjal needed for the skin get improperly digested, mix in the blood, and reach the skin, the skin gets diseases. Therefore, by chewing Brinjal well and eating it properly, we can cure skin diseases just by eating Brinjal.

In this way, whatever food they say is to be avoided for whatever disease, the same food acts as medicine for that disease if we eat it in the proper way. Whatever food is not digested properly, the nutrients in the food which are supposed to go to some specific body parts in good form reach those body parts in bad form. This causes diseases in those body parts.

The doctors in the world immediately advise us to totally avoid that food. If we totally avoid that food, the disease will actually become bigger and will not reduce. This is because, if we totally avoid that food, the nutrients in that food meant to benefit that body part will not be available at all to that body part. Therefore, whatever food is prohibited for a disease, we can cure that disease by eating that very same food in a proper way.

So, in our treatment there is no big list of items which are to be avoided. We can generously eat all the foods that are normally eaten.

Have you not seen people who eat non- vegetarian food and hotel food three times daily and are still healthy? At the same time, have you not seen people who eat only curd rice thrice daily and still get cancer? Have you not seen those who eat only natural food but still have their kidney damaged? Just think. What we eat is not important. How we eat is very important.

Food items available to people vary from country to country. The restriction that some food is not to be eaten will be valid only in a particular place in a particular country for some period of time. If we see at a global level, we can maintain our health by eating any food, if we eat it properly. So, in our treatment, you can eat any food. But, it is very essential that we adopt the guidelines for digesting it in the proper way.

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