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Work from Home Opportunity

work from homeThose interested to work from home may please go through this post completely to understand who we are, what is that you are supposed to do if you join our organization and what kind of remuneration you can earn.

About the Organization 

Art of Self Treatment is a Trust formed with an intention to help the general public at large who are suffering from various diseases.   To know more about our organization, visit our website and visit the following pages without fail.

There are several thousands of diseases in the world today. It is not possible to list out all those diseases here. Our treatment can cure any disease that comes from within our body. Any disease that comes from outside our body can be cured only with the help of the doctor. However, we have listed below some of the common diseases which can be certainly cured by our treatment:

• Sugar (Diabetes)
• Blood Pressure (BP)
• Thyroid
• Hair falling
• White hair
• Dandruff and sore on head
• Headache
• All diseases related to the eye
• Nearsightedness
• Farsightedness
• Cataract
• Glucoma
• Sinus
• Sneezing
• Cough
• Running nose
• Cold
• Chest congestion
• Asthma
• Wheezing
• Nose blocking
• All problems related to breathing
• TB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis)
• Pneumonia
• All diseases related to teeth
• Stammering
• Babbling
• Saliva not secreted
• Tonsils
• All diseases related to the heart
• Blocking of valves in the heart
• Heart valve contraction and expansion
• Blockages in the heart
• High Blood Pressure
• Low Blood Pressure
• Hole in the heart (suddenly developed)
• Heart attack
• Paralysis
• Memory loss
• Migraine
• Persistent headache
• Indigestion
• Gas Trouble
• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• Jaundice
• All diseases related to the liver
• Fits
• Hernia
• All diseases related to the pancreas
• Gall bladder stone
• Urinary bladder stone
• Kidney stone
• All diseases related to the kidney
• All diseases related to the uterus
• Abscess in the uterus
• Sterility
• Lack of libido
• All problems related to menstruation
• Leucorrhoea
• Menopause related problems
• Stomach ache
• Chest ache
• Backache and hip pain
• Thigh ache
• Knee joint membrane problems
• Osteoarthritis (Wear-out of knee joint)
• Knee joint depreciation
• Facial paralysis
• Joint and knee problems
• Arthralgia (Joint pain)
• Calf muscle pain
• Ankle related diseases
• All diseases related to the sole
• All diseases related to the skin
• Psoriasis (Skin redness and irritation)
• Eczema (Scaly and itchy rashes)
• Skin whitening
• Varicose veins problems
• Elephantiasis
• Cancer

. ALS Syndrome

• AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency

How do we operate ?

We invite people to join our Whatsapp Group by sending an Group Chat Invite Link.  People join us initially free and slowly they will understand that they have to become a paid member of the group if they have get services from us.  To know what is the membership fees, visit Membership Page  and understand.

Why will anyone be interested to join the group ?

What we are preaching people is to avoid taking medicines.  We are educating people to lead a life without Medicines.  Body is the best doctor.  It can cure any kind of disease on it’s own.  You should know how to take care of your body and understand what you should and should not do.   Since, we are assuring people 100% cure of any kind of disease including Diabetes, BP, Cancer and HIV Aids affected people, every one will be interested to join the group.

There are diseases which are not being cured by Doctors such as Diabetes (just one example).  Like this there are many diseases which Doctors say, it cannot be cured but controlled.  To control, we do not need Doctors. We need solutions which can cure diseases.  This is exactly what we do.  If people follow the techniques given by us, they will get 100% cured.

Severe disease such as Cancer and HIV Aids also can be cured.  So Diabetes, Blood Pressure problems are very minor.

For getting our treatment, we do not charge any fortune.  The maximum amount one has to spend for one year is Rs. 3600 that too as Membership Fees for one full year.  So people will join automatically once they get to know the power of this treatment.

What is the opportunity for people willing to work from home ?

The first step for you is to make people known to you such as your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, etc. join your Whatsapp Group.  A separate WhatsApp group will be created for you in which out of your own effort you should make a minimum of 25 members known or unknown to you join the group.   All these people can join the group free.  Once these 25 members join the group, then we will start giving you data of 500 numbers every week.  On Monday, every week, you will be sent 500 numbers whose numbers have to be saved in your phone and you should start sharing Chat invitation group link.  Once you complete these 500 numbers, then we will send you further 500 numbers.  Like this the process will go on for life time of your tenure with our organization.  The format / content to be sent to these 500 numbers every week will be sent by us to you. On seeing this content people will join.  Once they join, you and AST team will work towards making these free members to paid members.   Once they make payment and become member, then your share will be released.

What is the Income Opportunity for people working from home ?

Our goal should be to make members pay Rs. 2000 towards Diamond Membership Fee because, only to these members, we will send Video Remedies.  Once this payment is made and received by us,  you will receive your share of 15% of this fee i.e. Rs. 300.  Once this accumulation of your share reaches Rs. 1200, we will transfer this amount to your bank account by NEFT.  To understand how much you can earn in a month, please see the following Example :

  • Every week you send invitation to 500 people
  • For 4 weeks you will be sending to 2000 people
  • For every 100 whatsapp messages atleast 30 people join the group since it is offered free.
  • For every 30 people who join, atleast 10 members become paid members after some time.
  • So for 500 people, you will get 50 paid members
  • For 2000 people, you will get 200 paid members
  • If every member pays Rs. 2000 and become members then your share will be Rs. 300 x 200.
  • 300 x 200 means it is Rs. 60,000.
  • Yes you can earn Rs. 60,000 per month if you focus your attention on making people pay Rs. 2000 as membership fees.

Will every member pay Rs. 2000 ?

Not necessary.  The membership fee starts from Rs. 200 to Rs. 3600.  So they can pay any amount.  Whatever amount they pay, you will earn 15% of this fee as your share of income.

Will there be any Training ?

Yes. There will be training given to people who join us to work from home and this will be in the form of Video.

Who can apply for this job ?

Students / Unemployed / Housewives / Sr Citizens / People who want to become entrepreneurs / Employees who are looking for second income can apply for this opportunity.

Ok I am interested. What should I do next ?

If you are interested, you should send your confirmation expressing your interest by whatsapp to 8553015850. Once we receive your expression of interest, we will form a group and send you Video Training Material on how to start the work.  As a first step you should add 25 members known to you in that group.  Once this is done, then you will start getting data from us.

About Sridhar Venkatraman

Progressive and open minded Business Professional with over 30+ years of experience in Automobile, IT, Education, Real Estate Industries. He has a passion to ensure "No child goes to bed hungry" and is involved in an NGO called "No Hungry Child". He is a Social Entrepreneur and added a new service "Art of Self Treatment" to help more and more people who are suffering from health issues. He learnt the art of Self Treatment from his guru Mr Healer Baskar.

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